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6 Must-Visit Travel Destinations in British


If you are thinking about touring Canada, then the Western province of British Columbia is the best destiny. This province has lots of offers for its visitors. Apart from it being home to attractive parks and stunning cities, it also houses wineries, remarkable towns of North America, and some top ski resorts in the continent. This place is also a habitat for many huge grizzly bears and several beautiful birds. It provides you with a break from city life, the traffic jams, car horns, and noise giving you a relaxed jungle feeling that helps calm your body and mind.  Here are some of the best places you should ensure you set foot on when touring British Columbia.

Beckon Hill is a Park located alongside the Southern shore of Victoria and the Juan de Fuca Strait. The name of this park is a derivative of a hill that overlooks it and once had route-finding beacons. This Park is famous because of its forest and seashore paths, playgrounds, many ponds, and landscaped gardens. This land was made a municipal property of the City of Victoria in 1882.

The park provides you with an attractive outlook of Washington’s Olympic Mountains. There is an abundant variety of indigenous tree species, including the Western Red cedar, Oregon grape, and snowberry. It also conserves native animals such as Raccoons and squirrels. The ponds in the park are home for turtles, ducks, Canada geese, and the blue herons. You can find the world’s fourth-tallest 38.8-meter totem pole here. There is also a pebble bridge across the stream between Goodacre and Fountain Lake. Explore this place and experience the most beautiful view of nature.

The garden is an award-winning tourist attraction site in Victoria. It is a floral place that receives millions of visitors annually. The 22 hectare Garden has remarkable scenery. You can visit Butchart Gardens in all seasons, and you can always have something new to expect. When you pay a visit during winter, The Butchart Gardens is full of flowers in multiple colors. It is designed creatively to demonstrate one of the most spectacular blends and beauty of nature. The sweet scent of its flowers fills the garden, and the flowers provide nectar to thousands of colorful insects and birds. Be careful not to touch these insects because they can sting or bite when provoked.

Do you love Canopy Exploration and the Cliff walk? Then satisfy your spirit by paying a visit to the Capilano Suspension Bridge. In addition to the 137-meter long suspension bridge above the treetops and The Capilano River, there is also the Treetop Adventure Park, the Story Centre, and Canyon Lights during the holidays. Touring this place is among the perfect trips during the daytime on your stay in British Columbia. Beware not to touch or chew any plant because some of them are fatally poisonous and can cause severe allergic reactions.

The trail is one of the well-known hiking trails in Canada. Its outstanding scenery draws many hikers from all over the world. This trail stretches over an approximated 75 kilometers, from the southern part of the Renfrew Port up to Bamfield.

Explore all terrain types, from woodlands and swamps to shorelines and rock-strewn headlands. It is not just a walk in the woods; every hiker should be ready to negotiate ladders and be prepared to climb other obstacles that come on the way. The southern part is a little bit more challenging to climb as compared to the north. This place also has the best sites for cycling, but cyclers visiting the West Coast Trail need to equip themselves well, because of the landscape of this place may require that you have frequent maintenance of your bike. Apart from the challenging terrain, the weather also presents another aspect of the obstacles. This place is usually cool and wet. Carry enough and heavy clothing just in case the temperatures become extremely cold.

However, if you are into mountain motorbiking, your best bet would be to visit Banff, Jasper or Kootenay, National Park. Make sure you carry the best motorcycle adventure products on your motorcycle rides.

This park is located in the southeastern part of British Columbia. The name of this park represents a Cree expression of amazement and wonder due to its incredible beauty. Lying on the western slopes of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, it covers an estimated area of 507 square miles. The Yoho National Park has Upright rock walls, dizzying peaks and water fountains that attract visitors from all around the world.

The park has a unique view of some of the extraordinary wonders of nature. This region’s plant species include the western hemlock, spruce, fir, and aspen and the Black and the grizzly bears, elk, among other indigenous animals inhabit the park, in addition to a wide range of bird species.


This royal museum was set up in 1886. It is British Columbia’s primary archive for both nature and human accounts. The museum was given to Prince Philip in 1987 by Queen Elizabeth during her annual visit.

It reveals the secrets of the land and the cultures that once existed here, and guides us in sharing the story of this region. The museum is alongside Victoria’s Inner Harbor, in between the Empress Hotel and Columbian Parliament Buildings. This museum also runs traveling fairs to the province of British Columbia, as well as exhibits to Guangzhou, China. This is an added advantage to a tourist because you get a tour of a new place. It is also an excellent place to visit for people interested in history.


When planning to go for a holiday tour alone, with your loved one or with your family, consider a calm and secure place with some fantastic features such as waterfalls, beautiful gardens, museums, best wineries, and cycling trails. British Columbia should be your priority destination in Canada. The place offers you these features and so much more.


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