Mt Habrich Multi-Pitch Ascent

1 Person Only: $669

2 People: $749

Take in the incredible views of Howe Sound and Squamish from the peak of Mount Habrich!

Location: Squamish

Duration: Full Day

Level: Advanced - Expert

You have previous experience and a good general knowledge of the sport. Climbs range from intermediate - expert

Fitness: Very Good

Excellent cardio and good stamina. Able to walk or ski all day at a moderate pace diverse mountain terrain including steeper uphill and downhill sections. Able to carry moderate loads of (40-55lbs).

Mt. Habrich is an impressive granite monolith which offers excellent alpine Multi-Pitch Rock Climbing. An all day affair with an early start, a beautiful hike up to Mt. Habrich which sports several routes from 5.7 to 5.10 and up to 10 pitches. 

The Sea to Sky Gondola allows us to skip some the hike up to Mt Habrich. However, this is a long day with a 3 hour hike in and out. This tour is only recommended for those with a high fitness level.

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Mt Habrich (5879 feet) presents itself as an impressive granite pinnacle, a Matterhorn like mountain that dominates its immediate area. The peak is located North of the Sky Pilot range and accessed by the Sea to Sky Gondola Habrich offers nice traditional alpine climbing on perfectly weathered granite. The position on the peak is quite exceptional with views of the Sky Pilot peaks, Howse Sound, the Squamish valley and the surrounding Coast Mountains.

Several route options exist from 5.7 to 5.10’s and up to 10 pitches. The North West ridge being the easiest at 5.7, another great route on that face goes at 5.9 Several other routes climb the long vertical South and South West faces including a mega classic 5.10a.

The rock is well featured and generally very good quality, and the views are spectacular both on route and from the summit.

Mt Habrich is a great introduction to Alpine climbing for all rock climbers. Mt Habrich is a great location for anyone who is training to head to larger mountains like the Bugaboos. This day should not be underestimated you will climb alot of vertical in one day!

**The price of the tour does not include a gondola ticket. Gondola tickets are available for purchase through our office.**

Meeting Location: Meet the guide for an early start at the Sea to Sky Gondola.

Rock Climbing

At the Gondola you will meet your guide for the day, sign waivers, grab all your climbing gear and discuss the outlook for the day.

This is a full day of guided alpine rock climbing, starting with a peaceful gondola ride up, followed by a ~3 hour walk in, ~2.5 hours rock climbing and ~2.5 hours walk out, finishing up with a gentle Gondola down the final stretch (times will vary depending on size, experience and fitness level of group).

This tour is offered on weekends only when the Sea to Sky Gondola is open for the longest time. Special arrangement can be made in advance for a mid week trip with additional transport cost.


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If you require rentals or need to purchase equipment, we have teamed up with the experts at the Escape Route Alpine Demo Centre. Follow the link HERE to purchase or rent gear for this course!

Group Gear

  • Satellite Phone / Spot / Radio
  • Rope
  • Climbing Rack

Personal Gear

  • 35-45L pack
  • Hiking poles (optional)
  • Harness
  • 2 locking carabiners
  • 1 double length sling
  • Helmet
  • Headlamp with fresh batteries and spare bulb
  • Water bottle – thermos recommended for hot beverage
  • Personal medications
  • Good healthy energy filled lunch and personal snacks (this is a long full day)

Recommended Clothing

  • Climbing pants (light pants that allow maximum mobility)
  • Tee shirt
  • 2 Mid layer fleece or wool top
  • Weatherproof shell jacket
  • Down or synthetic insulating “puffy” jacket
  • Warm hat
  • Light gloves
  • Sunglasses and sunscreen
  • Approach shoes


  • Camera
  • Blister kit (second skin or similar)

Weather conditions here are constantly changing. Plan ahead, look at the weather forecast, and prepare for the potential weather conditions. Consider that when you are not climbing you can cool down quickly, so bringing layers is a good plan.


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