Avalanche skills training - Snowshoe (AST)

Learn from the Sea to Sky's leading avalanche skills educator.

Learn from the Sea to Sky’s leading avalanche skills educator. Receive the latest Avalanche Skills Training (AST) safety and rescue skills with our expert instruction. Our AST instructors are highly skilled and are constantly upgrading their knowledge so you receive the best and most up-to-date skills and tips to keep you safe as you explore the backcountry.

Keep building your avalanche skills with our progression of courses. Start with an Intro to Backcountry tours are available to get comfortable with your gear and moving through ungroomed snow.

Avalanche Skills Training certification level 1 is commonly known as the AST 1 Course where you will begin to learn about the hazards around you. Our one day AST refresher course is great to keep your companion rescue skills sharp. Then the next course on your list should be AST 2 course. This level 2 avalanche course is where you really learn how to make good decisions.

Avalanche Skills Training Courses


AST 1 Snowshoe - Squamish

Duration: 2 Days

Prerequisites: Average Fitness

Our two-day AST 1 course provides avalanche skills training which includes avalanche phenomenon, trip planning, the principles of safe travel in the backcountry avalanche rescue and much more.

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