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The Psychology of Fear & Adventure

Wednesday, 10th July 2019  /  By Dan O'Keefe

When things get a little scary, they also get more fun! Up to a point. Some people have trouble knowing where that line lies, but most of us have a healthy sense of self-preservation. If you can just press yourself to move into the fear a little, you’ll probably find that you get an extra hit of adrenaline. The heightened adrenaline gives you the ability to do things you might have believed were outside your ability and helps to fix your memories more firmly.[caption id="attachment_6375" align="alignleft" width="1024"] Climbing past your fears[/caption] We are hardwired to remember events that come with an emotional kick, whether that is joy, fear, sadness, excit...


Getting the Rock Climbing Season Started

Friday, 29th March 2019  /  By Vince Shuley
rocking climbing Squamish man is rock climbing

Spring has sprung early on Canada’s West Coast. There’s still good ski touring to be had at the alpine elevations, yes. But with snow packs in the valley bottoms quickly disappearing, summer recreation sports are already kickstarting. Warm sunny days have dried out the crags and the climbers are already clamoring over the available routes. So to help you get fit and ready for summer, here’s our advice for an early start to rock climbing season.[caption id="attachment_6192" align="alignnone" width="711"] Ready to rock? Start your climbing season right![/caption] Start with a proper fitness base Base fitness is one of the most overlooked key components of many s...

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Via Ferrata in BC: Bridging generations

Saturday, 28th July 2018  /  By Vince Shuley
Whistler squamish via ferrata Mountain Skills Academy & Adventures

Via Ferrata (or "klettersteig" in German-speaking nations) is a relatively young pursuit here in North America. But in Europe, its history dates back over a century.  While the first via ferrata routes were built to access popular mountain summits more easily, most protected routes in the Alps were a result of military construction.  During World War I, the armies of  Austria-Hungary, Italy and France manned mountain positions in the areas of the Dolomites and the French-Swiss Alps. Military engineers built ladder routes, underground tunnels and hanging bridges to increase the efficiency of troop movements over mountainous terrain.[caption id="attachment_5339" alig...

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Rock Climbing 101: A Beginner’s Guide

Friday, 8th June 2018  /  By Vince Shuley
Rock Climbing Course- girl looking up the rock climbing slope

The Coast Mountains and Rockies have some of the best rock climbing in the world. For that reason alone it's worth trying your hand at this truly exhilarating sport. But for those who've never attempted to scale a wall - whether at a gym or at an outdoor climbing centre - the prospect of hanging off elevated hand holds and foot holds can be a little intimidating.Yet even the most experienced rock climbers all had to start somewhere. In this Rock Climbing 101 guide, we’ll hopefully dispel some of the perceived barriers to the sport and show that with a bit of perseverance, anyone can do it.[caption id="attachment_5187" align="alignnone" width="710"] Rock cl...


Choosing the Right Rock Climbing Harness

Monday, 12th June 2017  /  By Vince Shuley
rock climbing harness

One of the key pieces of rock climbing kit is the harness. It's a crucial link in the belay lifeline, wrapping our waists and thighs with padded webbing that catches us and helps catch our climbing partners in the event of a fall. The climbing harness experiences relatively low wear and tear (at least in most climbing situations), meaning the harness you choose will likely remain in your kit for a few years. To help you make that first important choice, Mountain Skills Academy & Adventures brings you our guide to choosing the right rock climbing harness. To see all of our rock climbing courses and tours click here[caption id="attachment_4145" align="alignnone" width...

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The Risks and Rewards of Lead Climbing

Tuesday, 23rd May 2017  /  By Vince Shuley
lead climbing rock

Climbing can be incredibly fulfilling. Ascending a near-vertical face of rock with a bag of chalk and a pair of sticky-rubber shoes lends a feeling of accomplishment felt in few other outdoor pursuits. Previously we've shared MSAA's Beginner's Guide to Rock Climbing about the perceived barriers of entry to the sport and how to overcome them. If you are now climbing comfortably on some more difficult routes, have had some experience setting up a safe top rope system and are looking for a new challenge, it's time to take a step into the world of lead climbing. If your looking to learn more about all of our climbing courses, then please click here to learn more.[caption id...

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