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Whistler / Squamish

Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing Super Course Canada

Rock Climbing Super Course

Cost: $850 per person

Ability: Intermediate  Duration: 6 Days
Fitness: Average  Prerequisites: Rock Climbing Experience

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Intro to Outdoor Rock and Leading

Cost: $299 per person

Ability: Introductory  Duration: 2 Days
Fitness: Good  Prerequisites: None

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Rock Rescue

Cost: $165 per person

Ability: Intermediate  Duration: 1 Day
Fitness: Good  Prerequisites: Basic rock climbing skills

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Trad rock climbing and techniques in Squamish BC and Canadian Rockies

Intro To Trad Climbing

Cost: $165 per person

Ability: Introductory  Duration: 1 Day
Fitness: Good  Prerequisites: Outdoor lead course

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Sport and Trad Multi-Pitch Climbing Canada

Intro To Multi-Pitch Climbing

Cost: $400 per person

Ability: Intermediate  Duration: 2 Days
Fitness: Good  Prerequisites: Outdoor Rock Experience

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Introduction to Rock Climbing

Private Rock Climb & Instruction

Cost:  2 people: $300 per person  

Ability: Beginner  Duration: 1 Day
Fitness: Average  Prerequisites: None

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Guide Training Rock

Guide Training Rock

Cost: $750 per person

Ability: Intermediate  Duration: 3 Days
Fitness: Very Good  Prerequisites: Rock Rescue & Leading 5.9 Trad

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