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Hikes & Backpacking In Whistler & Squamish

We offer many backcountry hikes & backpacking tours each featuring unique sights and different degrees of challenge in Whistler and Squamish.

Our hikes highlight beautiful scenery ranging from majestic forests, surreal turquoise lakes, scenic waterfalls, wildflower meadows or endless panoramic mountain views. The Whistler area has some of the most spectacular hiking in the world. So, get ready to step into the wilderness on amazing trails of old-growth forests, hidden beaches, winding creeks, and cascading waterfalls.

Book a guided tour on Whistler Mountain, in Squamish, Joffre Lakes, and Garibaldi or just leave it to us to select a location to match your desires. All trips include interpretive information on fauna, flora, local geology, glaciology, mountain culture and natural history.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s go on an adventure together and hike the backcountry with the reassurance of a safe and memorable hiking experience!

Full Day Hike

2 or more people: $199  Single Person Supplement: $329  Children (12 and under): $159  Private (1 to 6 ppl): $749  

Ability: Intermediate  Duration: 1 Day
Fitness: Good  Prerequisites: None

Half Day Hike

2 or more people: $129  Single Person Supplement: $249  Children (12 and under): $99  Private (1 to 6 ppl): $549  

Ability: Beginner  Duration: Half Day
Fitness: Average  Prerequisites: None

Multi-Day Backpacking Trips

2+ Guests per person: $448  1 Guest: $758  Group up to 6: $1649  

Ability: Intermediate  Duration: 2 Days
Fitness: Good  Prerequisites: None

Hikes & Backpacking In Whistler

Whistler Sky Walk

Adult: $119  Youth (Min 8 years): $99  Private: $599  

Ability: Introductory  Duration: 2 Hours
Fitness: Average  Prerequisites: None