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Military Appreciation

Mountain Skills Academy is proud to be one of the best mountain schools in Canada, holding a perfect safety record. Having served the British Army, Canadian Army, Canadian Military Police, French 27th Battalion, and Chasseurs Alpins (Alpine Unit) allows for our excellent global experience in military mountain skills training. Unique in Alberta, being the only mountain school owned and operated by an IFMGA/ACMG Mountain Guide – your assurance of higest level of professional certification.

Our intent is to present participants with an engaging comprehensive retinue of winter, summer mountain skills. These skills include avalanche awareness, mountain sense and hazard mitigation, navigation, backcountry skiing, crevasse rescue & glacier travel, winter camping and ski mountaineering components such as short roping and self arrest techniques used in steeper snow ascents. These skills and their delivery will benefit your participants not only in personal growth but as well as team building, character building and would be highly instrumental in actual winter deployment.

What makes us the best mountain school in North America is that we utilize experience garnered from both the European and North America methods. We have carefully crafted specific curriculum, developed state of the art rescue systems and practice areas. Furthermore this is taught under the supervision of IFMGA Mountain Guides whose depth of experience is second to none.

We wish you to note that it is always a great honor for us to serve our military. Our owner’s heritage runs deep with military service and we extend you preferred pricing.

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