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Climb using iron rungs while safely attached to a cable. Get to the top ‘the iron way’ on our most popular adventure!


Try climbing for the first time or build advanced skills. Learn the ropes from a professional instructor.


Discover an ancient glacier with summer snow, climb to the top in a rope team, or slide to the bottom on a fun glissading tour.

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photos backcountry whistler

Photos in the backcountry: Doing it Right

The art of outdoor photography may have been appropriated by Instagram, smartphones and an endless competition for likes, but coming home from a trip with quality images is still one of the rewarding experiences of spending time in the mountains. Digital photography is within everyone’s reach these days with image sensors in phones having the same pixel count as many Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) cameras did just a few short years ago. Yet despite all the technological advances with these devices, good photos still

avalanche safety AST1 Companion Rescue Skills Whistler

Keep Your Avalanche Skills Sharp This Winter

One of the first things that new winter backcountry travellers learn about avalanche education is that it’s lifelong. Courses and certificates represent certain milestones, yes. But veteran avalanche forecasters are constantly combing weather reports, gathering snowpack data and retraining their rescue skills on a daily basis. As recreationists touring on weekends and days off, we can’t expect to spend as much time with our heads buried in the snow as the guides and industry professionals. However, avalanche knowledge and rescue skills are in the “use

backcountry artist kate zessel

These Backcountry artists will inspire you these holidays

In case you hadn’t noticed, the backcountry is a beautiful place. It can be hard work to get  out there and home again, but few people would argue against it being worth every sweat-inducing step. With such magnificence on our doorstep in British Columbia, it’s not hard to see so many artists use it as their primary inspiration for drawings and paintings. For these holidays. MSAA has profiled five of our favourite backcountry artists in the province. You can find these works sprinkled around mountain


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