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Monday April 5th - Sunday April 11th

A community event providing advanced skills to enjoy the Spearhead Range & fundraising for the Spearhead huts

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What is the Spearhead Stoke Week?

The Spearhead Stoke Week is a celebration of this amazing mountain range. It’s all about creating awareness, support and stoke for this and those who venture to…

        …this world class backcountry powder stash!

Through a collaboration of local organizations, industry professionals and prominent figures we aim to entertain, feature info events, host courses highlight, encourage and facilitate critical info and skills for safe and enjoyable outings into this incredible range.

You can expect to hear stories, listen to advice, join clinics, & courses, discourse, videos, images, epic tours, classic runs, trip info and of course fund raising for the Spearhead Huts project.

How will it work?

It’s simple, check out any of MSAA’s products on their website. Book and pay for any product throughout the Spearhead Stoke Week and 10% of all proceeds and all other fundraisings will be donated directly to the Spearhead Huts Society and POW (Protect Our Winters). MSAA will provide all the skills and resources needed to prepare those wanting to complete a major objective in the Spearhead Range, including the Spearhead Traverse. Use the Spearhead Backcountry Atlas (as an amazing reference) to inspire, plan and achieve your goals.


“Spearhead Experts Panel” In the comfort of your home grab a beer and snacks then join experts on an informative talk about the Spearhead Range. In a live online event our experts will outline some of the ranges must do’s for all ski/ride backcountry levels as well as provide some helpful info to those looking at completing the Spearhead Traverse! The presentation will end with a Q & A info session.

Join the event: TBD

What is the Spearhead Hut Society?

The Spearhead Huts project aims to provide an inspiring and accessible hut-to-hut experience on the West Coast. Located at Russet Lake, the Kees and Claire Hut has already been completed. The remaining two locations have been chosen so that travel time is equal between the three, and they are accessible without having to cross a glacier in summer. Each location will offer dramatic views and excellent recreation opportunities year-round.

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Solo skier skiing Spearhead Traverse
Spearhead backcountry Atlas

Spearhead Backcountry Atlas

The comprehensive photographic guide to terrain in the Whistler Blackcomb backcountry, one of Canada’s most popular and most accessible touring destinations.

Purchase the Backcountry Atlas during the Spearhead Stoke Week and 10% of all proceeds will be donated to the Spearhead Hut Society and POW (Protect Our Winters).


Mountain Skills Academy & Adventures

Since 1991 MSAA has been providing private guided tours and cutting edge courses in the Spearhead Range. Integrity, professionalism, experience, innovation and unrivalled expertise sums up our team and our organization. Owned and operated by seasoned IFMGA/ACMG certified Mountain Guides, we are genuine mountain professionals committed to the pursuit of excellence in all the mountain endeavors we provide.

Purchase any MSAA product and 10% of all proceeds during the Spearhead Stoke Week will be donated to the Spearhead Hut Society & POW (Protect Our Winters).

Mountain Skills Academy & Adventures Team

The Spearhead Traverse

This traverse through the Spearhead and Fitzsimmons Ranges is comparable to the famous “Haute Route” in Europe. The route offers spectacular scenery and excellent skiing. Glacier route finding and navigation, avalanche and hazard assessment and terrain evaluation will all be practiced along the way: a perfect trip to hone your winter skills in a challenging environment. Participants must be strong intermediate or above skier/riders with previous touring experience and good physical condition.

Book the Spearhead Traverse tour with MSAA during the Spearhead Stoke week and Mountain Skills Academy & Adventures will donate 10% of all proceeds to the Spearhead Hut Society & POW (Protect Our Winters)!

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Advanced Backcountry Clinic
Monday March 29th

Ability: Intermediate

Fitness: Good


Prerequisites: AST 1 & Ski Touring

This one-day clinic allows participants adequate time to develop autonomous leadership through learning and implementing critical strategies and techniques.

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Crevasse Rescue + Glacier Travel
Tuesday 30th & Wednesday 31st March

Ability: Intermediate

Fitness: Good


Prerequisites: Ski touring & knot tying

Learn to be self-sufficient with our Winter Crevasse Rescue and Glacier Travel course. Backcountry skiers and alpine climbers learn the three all-important skills: rope ascension, crevasse rescue and glacier travel. This is a great next step to start getting into more complex terrain.

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Mountain Navigation Clinic
Thursday April 1st

Ability: Intermediate

Fitness: Good


Prerequisites: None

In this course, you will learn to recognize changing hazards, navigate with a map and compass, and build a travel and safety plan for diverse alpine terrain regardless of conditions and visibility.

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Companion Rescue Clinic
Friday April 2nd

Ability: Intermediate

Fitness: Average

Prerequisites: Ski touring

Practice your companion rescue skills and advance beyond the scope of AST1 by learning how to deal with multiple burials, close-proximity multiple burials, deep burials, coordinate group rescues, and search without transceivers.

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Ski Mountaineering Clinic
Saturday April 3rd

Ability: Advanced

Fitness: Very Good

Prerequisites: AST1, Backcountry Experience

This is a fast-paced course that takes backcountry skiers and snowboarders to the next level – winter ski mountaineering. With acres of complex terrain and big peaks easily accessible from the highway, the Coast Mountains are an ideal location to learn about ski mountaineering.

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Steeps + Couloirs Clinic
Sunday April 4th

Ability: Expert

Fitness: Very Good

Prerequisites: ??

Ever wanted to venture into more complex terrain?

This clinic is perfect for honing your backcountry skills, especially if you’re wanting to go mountaineering, or heading out on a big objective in the mountains.

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Spearhead Backcountry Tour
30th March, 1st April & 3rd April

Ability: Advanced

Fitness: Good

Prerequisites: Intermediate Ski/Ride

Join one of Whistler’s leading backcountry provider and enjoy awesome backcountry skiing and splitboarding around the Whistler Blackcomb ski area. The big-mountain backcountry outside of the ski area offers a multitude of bowls, glaciers and gladed runs to choose from.


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Avalanche Skills Training 2
Thursday 1st - Sunday 4th April

Ability: Advanced

Fitness: Good

Prerequisites: AST1 & backcountry experience

Our Avalanche Skills Training Level 2 course teaches managing and mitigating avalanche and mountain hazards. Learn how to formulate a logical, concise and dependable safety plan for backcountry skiing or splitboarding. 

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