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Day-to-Day Life

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  • Is there WiFi?

    We encourage campers to unplug and enjoy camp with their new friends offline. WiFi service is limited. Cheakamus Centre receives reliable cellular service to stay in touch with the outside world. Come prepared to disconnect from the internet and reconnect with nature.

  • What do I need to pack?

    Packing Checklist

    _|  Sleeping Bag or linens

    _|  Pillow

    _|  Flashlight or headlamp

    _|  Towel and washcloth

    _|  Small backpack to carry layers and water for off-site activities

    _|  Toiletries and regular or emergency medicine

    _|  Shorts and long pants

    _|  T-shirts and long sleeve shirt

    _|  Socks and underwear

    _|  Swimsuit (for teen camp only for canoeing)

    _|  Pyjamas

    _|  Rain jacket

    _|  Warm layer (fleece, sweat shirt or puffy jacket or vest)

    _|  Sturdy running shoes or hiking shoes/boots

    _|  Water bottle

    _|  Hat

    _|  Sunscreen and sunglasses

    _|  Camera

    Weather on the West Coast and in the mountains, where some activities take place, is highly variable. Bring a mix of summer clothing and warmer clothing for the cool nights and mountain activities. Bring your backpack on outings to carry a water bottle and an extra layer in case the weather changes while we are out.

    Daily temperatures at the camp in July and August range from 12-24 degrees Celsius (55-75 degrees Fahrenheit). It can be 10 degrees lower up on the mountains.

  • Where is this camp located?

    The camp is located near Squamish, BC, Canada on the west coast. Campers will be staying at Cheakamus Centre in Squamish and spend time exploring the Sea to Sky Corridor. The Cheakamus Centre is 90 km (56 miles) north of the Vancouver International Airport.

    Driving Map:

    Squamish is located about halfway between Vancouver and Whistler. If you are driving from Vancouver International Airport, make your way north through the city towards North Vancouver. You will get on the scenic Sea to Sky Highway (Hwy 99 North) and follow it north through the town of Squamish. When you see the signs for Alice Lake Provincial Park, turn left (west) and follow Squamish Valley Road. This becomes Paradise Valley Road after you cross over the river. Turn right when you see the sign for the Cheakamus Centre. You have arrived!

  • Do you accommodate special dietary needs?

    Yes, the Cheakamus culinary team can accommodate a variety of special dietary needs. All dietary requirements need to be specified at the time of booking. Additional charges may apply.

  • How do I get to Cheakamus Centre?

    Cheakamus Centre is located in Squamish BC. Please download the directions here. Cheakamus Centre has multiple entrances. Further instructions on exact drop off/pick-up locations will be emailed out prior to the camp.

  • Who is supervising my child?

    Mountain Skills Academy & Adventure’s certified guides and instructors provide 24-hour supervision for camp participants. The team is made up of professional adult guides and outdoor educators with years of experience. As required by law, each guide goes through a criminal record check. We are committed to providing responsible supervision by our guides who enjoy teaching and working with kids and youth. We set a maximum of 6 campers per guide during off-site outings and 8 campers per guide for on-site activities and overnight to ensure the safety and security of your child.

  • What are the camp accommodations?

    Camp participants will stay in one of 9 rustic heated cabins at the Cheakamus Centre. The centre is tucked away in a beautiful forested setting. Each cabin is equipped with 2 shared washrooms and single bunk beds. Each cabin sleeps up to 16 campers. To see a layout of the cabins, click here.

  • What food is included?

    All meals are included with the exception of breakfast on the first day and dinner on the last day. Please do not bring other food or snacks to camp.

    Food is prepared and served by the Cheakamus Centre’s chefs. Cheakamus supplies locally sourced and thoughtfully prepared meals. Meals contain wholesome ingredients, making food from scratch, using herbs and vegetables from their garden. They can accommodate a wide range of special dietary needs, food intolerances and allergies without having to radically alter the menu, minimizing ‘special’ servings. Sugar reduced diets, vegetarian, vegan meals, gluten free, and other food allergies are all far easier to accommodate when you use whole ingredients and are certain of their source.

    *Cheakamus Centre is a nut-restricted facility, which includes all meals provided by Cheakamus Centre. Any snacks containing nuts or nut products brought in by a camper are strictly prohibited. This also includes any skin care and hair products that may contain nuts.

    Read more about meals here: Cheakamus Centre 

  • Is transportation included?

    The camps include transportation to and from each day’s activities.

    You must make arrangements to get your child to camp on the first day and from camp on the last day.

Policies & Paperwork

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  • Do I need extra insurance coverage?

    We strongly recommend you purchase Trip Cancellation Insurance upon booking and Emergency Evacuation insurance.

    Emergency Evacuation and Medical

    This coverage provides you with emergency air rescue if required and full medical. Parks Canada provides free evacuation within the Parks and if you are a Canadian resident your medical will be covered by National Health.

    We strongly recommend international visitors purchase this insurance.

    Trip Cancellation Insurance

    To prepare for unforeseen circumstances we strongly recommend purchasing Trip Cancellation Insurance at the time of booking your trip. Trip Cancellation insurance covers many scenarios to reimburse you for cancelled trips outside of your control.

    Our recommended insurance provider is who can be reached via the following:

  • What forms do I need to sign?

    Registration for camp and adventure activities requires completing 4 documents. Please download all the documents below, fill in, sign and return to Mountain Skills Academy & Adventures for registration to be complete. Children under 19 years old must have their forms signed by a parent or guardian.


    Summer Camp Registration Form

    Mountain Skills Academy Waiver

    Cheakamus Centre Waiver Release Child

    Cheakamus Centre Medical & Dietary Form


    Return all forms to

  • What is MSAA's policies and procedures?

    Please read the policies and procedures here.

  • What are the Cheakamus Centre values?

    The Cheakamus Centre’s programs include nature-based and outdoor activities including leadership, recreation, and hands-on experiences intended to instill in young learners a sense of respect and appreciation for the natural world. Read the Centre’s mission and vision here.

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