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What are the Squamish Adventure Camps

 Squamish Adventure Camps offers your child an unparalleled opportunity to discover nature, to learn and to develop important life and outdoor skills.

We achieve this through participation in the most coveted adventures. Our world class venues, amazing adventures, carefully crafted curriculum and proud position as the industry’s leading professionals provides every parent with peace of mind.

You can be sure your child will be in good hands, that they will be safe, engaged, nurtured, encouraged, they will learn and they will have a ton of fun doing so!

Bonus: All tours are rain proof and run rain or shine!





    Two Squamish Camps to Choose From

    4 – Day Camp: $ 385.00
    3 – Day Camp: $295.00

    Bundles with  *Sea to Sky Gondola lifts:

    4 – Day Camp/lift ticket: $ 385.00
    3 – Day Camp: $295.00

    4 – Day Camp: $ 406.85 (TBD)
    3 – Day Camp: $295.00

    Please check the calendar via the Book Now button and select your preferred camp. 

    • All the necessary equipment is included

    • Book yourself onto an Adventure using our online booking system!

    • Book a Private Adventure and we can work around your plans.

    • Squamish Adventure Camp is subject to minimum bookings.

    Did you know we also run many different Adventures! Check out our Adventures page for more details!



    Sea to Sky Gondola Hiking & Interpretive Skills

    4 day camp - Day 1 Tuesdays

    Lorum Ipsum…..This day we learn important skills such as Bear Aware, basic navigation, essential hiking equipment. As well we study and learn all about the local flora, fauna, history, geology and more. As well we will learn how to respond to an emergency or being lost, we will build a rain proof survival structure, play games and more..


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    3-4 day camp - Day 2 Wednesdays

    Lorum Ipsum. Youth will connect with the great outdoors during our  Cheakamus Splash rafting trip with Canadian Outback Rafting. Besides incredible fun splashy rapids and some of British Columbia’s most breathtaking scenery, youth will learn about the rivers biodiversity, water safety, teamwork… Lorum Ipsum………..


    Elaho Exhilarator:

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    Cheakamus Splash:

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    Via Ferrata & Rock Climbing Adventure

    3-4 day camp - Day 3 Thursday

    Lorum Ipsum….On this day we undertake a kids favorite, the Squamish Via Ferrata! On this adventure, we challenge our youth to not only to trek through old growth forest and easily ascend the Via Ferrata. We take the approach of a summit expedition. Participants learn to work together, be aware of each others safety and encouragement. Planning pit stops, teaching sessions and more….. Lorum Ipsum… All participants…. , and take in the scenic beauty of ocean fjords and snowy peaks all while safely attached to the rock with fixed cables.


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    Bike Rental & Guiding

    3-4 day camp - Day 4 Friday

    Lorum Ispsum……On this day youth undertake one of Squamish’s most iconic adventures on one of our many world renown mountain biking trails. Whether first time riders or developing the skills, youth will be challenged with important mountain biking techniques….Lorum Ispsum …and when not biking the will be learning important outdoor and interpretive skills such as Lorum Ispsum…


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