ice cave & Volcano adventure

Come face to face with a sleeping volcano!

Take flight into the Coast Mountains on an incredibly scenic trip to an ancient volcano where you will discover cavernous steam vents deep in the glacier, surrounded by sheer blue ice walls. Afterwards fly over an ancient glacier to explore glacial caverns, their crystal ceilings glowing a brilliant blue.

Appreciate a 75 min scenic mountainous helicopter flight from whistler to the ancient Mount Meager Volcano. A quick flyover of the Volcano to admire the view of deep cavern venting steam fringed by dramatic backdrops. You will then be transported over the formations of ancient glaciers to enjoy the rare beauty of glacial caverns.

Timing & Pricing:
  • Duration: 3.5 – 4 Hours 60 Minute Flight Time
  • Min Age: 2yrs + must pay for seat on Heli. 2yrs & under can sit on parents/guardians lap.
  • Per Person (min 2ppl): $1450.00+tax per person.
  • Private Flight (1-4ppl): $5800.00+tax per person.
  • For bookings larger than 4 people please contact us.

Your pilot can cater the itinerary to your wishes; your departure can be from the helicopter base in Whistler or even Vancouver Harbour Heliport for an additional cost of $1995.00 per reservation or directly from your accommodation (by helicopter pick up or private ground transfer to the heli-base).

Coat, boots and safety equipment are provided. Please plan for sunglasses, sunscreen and gloves.

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Ice Cave Adventure

Breath in a 60 min scenic mountainous helicopter flight from whistler flying over the formations of ancient glaciers.

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Discover Whistler from a new height! Top your Whistler vacation with a heli sightseeing experience in partnership with NoLimits adventures.