Ski Mountaineering at Jim Haberl Hut, Tantalus Range

Once every season or two, backcountry skiers and snowboarders develop an appetite for a special kind of trip. It may involve travelling half way across the world or simply finding a yet to be discovered corner of our own backyard, but more often than not it involves spending a few nights at a secluded location. One of our favourite such locations is the Jim Haberl Hut, a comfortable backcountry refuge nestled in the heart of the Tantalus Range.

A quick helicopter flight from Squamish Airport, Jim Haberl Hut was built 10 years ago in memory of climber Jim Haberl, one of the two Canadians to first summit K2. Haberl died while attempting Alaska’s Ultima Thule in 1999. The hut sits at the Serratus-Dione Col at an elevation of 2,030 metres, making it the perfect base for exploring nearby mountaineering and ski mountaineering objectives.

Jim Haberl Hut Tantalus
Steep ski objectives abound in the Tantalus

Tantalizing Access

It’s for this ease of access to the terrain that we at Mountain Skills Academy & Adventures keep the Jim Haberl hut reserved for a few select dates every year. Our three-day Tantalus Ski Mountaineering adventure gives experienced groups the chance to sample some of the most dramatic terrain in Western Canada. Steep, sustained faces and couloirs, stretching glaciers and jagged peaks are just some of the unique geological formations that can be found in the Tantalus. Surrounding the Jim Haberl Hut itself are skiable zones on Alpha, Serrattus and Dione mountains.

At the end of each day, you’ll retire to the hut where your guide will prepare supper and go over the plan for the following day’s objectives. Watching the sunset from the hut deck is a great way to soak up the grandeur of the Tantalus alpine, so be sure to bring a few celebratory beverages to enjoy with your friends.

Jim Haberl Hut Tantalus
Views in the Tantalus Range are second to none

The Jim Haberl Hut is also home to some of the most aesthetic climbing routes in British Columbia during the summer months. Consider returning to this year-round hut with your climbing gear between June and October!

2016 Ski Mountaineering Dates at Jim Haberl Hut

We currently have Tantalus Ski Mountaineering adventures bookings for:
February 26-29 with Klemen Mali
March 4-6 with Eric Dumerac
March 27-30 with Klemen Mali.

We require skiers and riders to have a minimum intermediate ability level and AST 1 course and backcountry experience is preferred. Cost is $900 (based on a four people) which includes the helicopter flight, accommodation at the Jim Haberl Hut, guide fee and group gear.

Jim Haberl Hut Tantalus
Ascending nearby ridge lines

Gather your squad and enjoy one of the hidden gems od the Sea to Sky at the Jim Haberl Hut. For enquiries contact us at 604 938 9242 or email For some more ski footage from around the Jim Haberl Hut check out this video from our friends at Doglotion.

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