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Designed to help every level of student reach their full potential.


What is the academy?

The Academy was created to help every level of student reach their full potential. Our carefully designed curriculums have been crafted into three (more coming soon) programs. Each program is designed to be taken one after each other or skip a program depending on your previous experience and take your skills to the next level. Whether you are a weekend warrior looking at becoming a guide in the future or just looking to further develop your skills we have a program for you.

Programs below…


Build the Base

The Build the Base program aims to teach and build basic backcountry skills, and is also a great first step to becoming a fully certified ACMG guide. It produces competent and self-sufficient recreational backcountry skiers and splitboarders. The Build the Base program is suitable for all experience levels to learn the basics of backcountry skiing or split boarding.



The Passion to Leadership program is focused on enhancing your skiing abilities, learning advanced technical skills and building a strong leadership foundation. This program is suitable for those who already have basic avalanche knowledge and backcountry experience, and are looking to increase their understanding, travel more complex terrain, and become self-sufficient leaders.



The Leadership program is the final piece in the puzzle within the MSAA Academy Series. Ideally, students will have already completed the Passion to Leadership program, or have a high level of personal experience, reviewed by MSAA upon registration with the program.


Rock Progression

The Rock Climbing Super Course is a 4-day in-depth program in all aspects of rock climbing. This comprehensive course is a must to kick-start your rock climbing career. Designed for climbers who want the skills and knowledge to take their climbing to the next level.

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A fully comprehensive course recommended for participants who wish to acquire a complete mountaineering skill set. Mountaineering skills include crevasse rescue, glacier travel, roped movement on snow, ice, rock and mixed terrain as well as several other important skills. The course is broken up into 4 technical skills days and 2 challenging mountaineering days.


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