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intro to backcountry

Safety and learning are the focus, plus getting into some gorgeous untracked snow!

The women's Backcountry Series

A program designed for the wonderful women of Whistler to ski & splitboard safely in the backcountry.

eagle viewing tours

Eagles as far as the eye can see! Join our local guides at an exclusive location near Squamish on this interpretive Eagle tour.

Crevasse rescue

Learn to be self-sufficient in the backcountry. This is a great next step to start getting into more complex terrain.


Learn the fundamentals critical to safe backcountry travel, in one of the world’s best locations.


Experience the thrill of ice climbing tours while you move safely up a frozen waterfall using ice axes and crampons.

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Weekender’s Guide to Summer in the Sea to Sky

The weekend is coming up, there’s sun in the forecast, but you have no plans! What are you going to do? The Sea to Sky corridor from North Vancouver to Whistler is filled with adventures for the timid to thrill-seekers. Let’s say it’s a long weekend and you want to fill it with the most amazing, unique memories to hold you until the next long weekend. Here’s what you might get up to… Day 1 – Britannia & Squamish You’ve left Vancouver and are heading

rocking climbing Squamish man is rock climbing

Getting the Rock Climbing Season Started

Spring has sprung early on Canada’s West Coast. There’s still good ski touring to be had at the alpine elevations, yes. But with snow packs in the valley bottoms quickly disappearing, summer recreation sports are already kickstarting. Warm sunny days have dried out the crags and the climbers are already clamoring over the available routes. So to help you get fit and ready for summer, here’s our advice for an early start to rock climbing season. Start with a proper fitness base Base fitness is

photos backcountry whistler

Photos in the backcountry: Doing it Right

The art of outdoor photography may have been appropriated by Instagram, smartphones and an endless competition for likes, but coming home from a trip with quality images is still one of the rewarding experiences of spending time in the mountains. Digital photography is within everyone’s reach these days with image sensors in phones having the same pixel count as many Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) cameras did just a few short years ago. Yet despite all the technological advances with these devices, good photos still


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