Glacier adventures

If you are looking for a unique adventure to cap off your visit to Whistler, this is it!

Explore the Whistler Glacier with one of our guides and sink your hands into the summer snow! All glacier tours include a fun interpretive talk about the glacial history of these mountains.

Glacier Adventures

Jun - Sep

Glacier Ascent



On this adventure, your guide will lead you across glacial snow and ice. You will be led on a short-roped mountaineering ascent of the alpine bowl – just as the world’s great peaks were traditionally climbed.

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Jun - Sep

Glacier Discovery



Discover the glacial snow and ice of the Whistler Glacier on a Glacier Discovery Tour! Don’t miss this unique opportunity to observe a 10,000+ year old glacier on our 2 hour interpretive walking tour.

Jun - Jul

Glacier Glissading



Glacier Glissading is the thrill of sliding down glacier snow in the summer, combined with an interpretive hike of the 10,000+ year old Whistler Glacier.