Glacier adventures

If you are looking for a unique adventure to cap off your visit to Whistler, this is it!

Explore the Whistler Glacier with one of our guides and sink your hands into the summer snow! All glacier tours include a fun interpretive talk about the glacial history of these mountains.

Glacier Adventures

Jun - Sep

Ancient Glacier Discovery



Join us on a guided hike to discover an ancient glacier in the stunning mountains of Whistler. Our experienced guides will lead you through the rugged terrain as you learn about glaciers’ fascinating history and science.

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Jun - Jul

Glacier Glissading



Glacier Glissading is the thrill of sliding down glacier snow in the summer, combined with an interpretive hike of the 10,000+ year old Whistler Glacier.

Jun - Sep

whistler family combo

$949.00/Group 1 – 6 people

Our experienced guides will set everything up and provide helpful advice along the way. All you have to do is enjoy the day!