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Summer Crevasse Rescue & Glacier Travel

Learn safe and efficient glacier travel, crevasse incident avoidance and response.


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BOOK NOW Price: $325.00 /per person

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Join one of our Professionally Certified ACMG (Association of Canadian Mountain Guides) guides and let them share their passion for this sport. 

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This comprehensive Crevasse Rescue and Glacier Travel course is the industry gold standard for mountaineers, alpine climbers, mountain hikers and runners. Learn the ultimate glacier travel safety skills, the most modern and efficient techniques for rescuing someone from a crevasse who is either roped, un-roped or injured, and many more critical mountaineering skills.

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Course information...


Our certified guides will teach you all the critical crevasse rescue and glacier travel safety skills. As well as the essential techniques for rescuing both roped and un-roped victims from a crevasse.

MSAA has developed a carefully crafted, cutting-edge curriculum, delivered by highly qualified guides who use a lesson plan. This ensures all participants acquire the full intended curriculum, demonstrate the skill to standard and are set up for rapid future progression. All participants receive a valuable course handout essential for future skill practice and refinement.

This course provides the necessary skills to not only undertake crevasse rescue and glacier travel but also how to deal with glacier travel cruxes such as when to rope up, how to assess, cross and belay, or rappel, over crevasse snow bridges and bergschrunds. Learn how to navigate complex crevasse fields in this field-based course.

Practice the following knots to prepare for the course: Figure 8, Figure 8 on a bite, Clove-Hitch, Münter-Hitch; Girth-Hitch and Prussik knots.

**The price of the tour does not include a gondola ticket. Gondola tickets are available for purchase through our office.**


Meet each day at 8:15am at the Escape Route Alpine Demo Centre. The guide will have everyone sign a waiver and give a brief safety briefing along with discussing the day's objectives.

    Day 1: Will be located in the Valley and you do NOT require a lift ticket.

    Day 2: Will be located on a Glacier and will require a lift ticket (can be purchased at checkout).

Meet each day at 8:15am at a Pre-determined location. The guide will have everyone sign a waiver and give a brief safety briefing along with discussing the day's objectives.

    Both days of the Squamish Crevasse Rescue will be held on a dry land alternative to increase the learning time and develop skills further.


If you require rentals we have teamed up with local rental companies to provide discounted rentals. Visit our rental page HERE for more information!


  • Helmet
  • Harness
  • Footwear: sturdy hiking or mountaineering boots
  • Gaiters (day two & Whistler ONLY)
  • Rite in the Rain notebook and mechanical pencil (optional)
  • Backpack (25-35 litres)
  • Ice Axe (day two & Whistler ONLY)
  • Ice Screw (day two & Whistler ONLY)
  • Crampons (day two & Whistler ONLY)

  • Crevasse Rescue Kit:

  • 4 x Locking Carabiners
  • 4 x Non-locking Carabiners
  • 1 x 120cm Sling
  • Cordalette’s: 2 x 5m (7mm)
  • 1 x 1.5m (7mm) Cordelette
  • 1 x Auto-Block Device (e.g. Petzl Reverso or BD ATC Guide)

  • Clothing:

  • Appropriate clothing for the weather. Layers recommended.
  • Weatherproof shell jacket and pants (weather dependant)
  • 2 pairs of gloves, mittens (optional)
  • Lunch/Snacks/Water
  • Sunglasses, sunscreen, sun hat

  • Day 1 - Dry Land Rescue Systems (lift pass for both Whistler/Squamish not required):

  • Introduction to summer Glacier Kit
  • Load transfer, Ascending and Rappelling Systems
  • Dividing and Tying into the rope
  • Canadian Drop Loop Rescue technique
  • Practice and skill refinement
  • Problem Solving: insufficient rope, middle person in crevasse, etc.

  • Day 2 - Glacier Travel and Rescue Scenario’s (lift pass for Whistler required):

    • Glacier Morphology Session and Glacier Travel Considerations
    • Roping Up for Glacier Travel
    • Rope Travel Exercise
    • Team Rescue Exercise
    • Practice and skill refinement

    Click HERE for the full curriculum

    The important details:

    Season: May – October

    Duration: 1 Day (8:30am – 4:30pm)

    Location: Squamish

    Max Ratio: 8 Clients to 1 Guide

    Prerequisites: None 

    Price: $325/per person | $1499/private (up to 6ppl)


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    This course provides the base of essential skills required to confidently venture into the British Columbian forest and sub-alpine zones.

    Intro to Basic Mountaineering

    In this course, you will learn the basic mountaineering skills needed to safely climb a snow and ice peak.