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Mountain Navigation

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Mountain Navigation


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Join one of our Professionally Certified ACMG (Association of Canadian Mountain Guides) guides and let them share their passion for this sport. 

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In this course, you will learn to recognize changing hazards, navigate with a map and compass, and build a travel and safety plan for diverse alpine terrain regardless of conditions and visibility. This course will also cover whiteout navigation and contingency planning, essential skills for backcountry skiers, mountaineers, and alpine hikers.

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This course will cover navigation in diverse alpine terrain, regardless of conditions and visibility. Students will learn to create trip plans that include objectives, conditions, avalanche hazard, mountain hazards, terrain, contingency plans, and full white-out navigation plans.

This course will take place over 2 days. The first day will be partially in the classroom in the morning and will focus on basic navigational concepts. The second day will be partially in the classroom in the morning then outdoors in the afternoon, learning and practicing navigational and trip planning skills in the field.

Day 1: Meet the guide at 8:45am at the classroom location. The guide will have everyone sign a waiver and give a brief overview of the course. Day 1 will focus on the theoretical lessons.

The day will end at approximately 4pm with a debrief and a discussion of the next day’s objectives.

Day 2: Meet the guide at 8:45am at a predetermined outdoor location. The guide will review Day 1’s theoretical lessons before the group practices those skills in the field.

The day will end at approximately 4pm with a course debrief and what the next steps are for students.

  • Laptop computer or tablet
  • Rite in the Rain notebook style #311 and pencil (mechanical preferred)
  • Baseplate compass with sighting mirror, rotating dial/bezel, adjustable declination & romer scales (suggested brands: Silva & Suunto)
  • GPS, if you have one
  • Clothing and footwear appropriate for the weather*
  • Food and drink for the day
Part 1: Map and Compass
  • Getting familiar with your compass
  • Reading topographic maps
  • Making a route plan
Part 2: Navigation
  • Taking and following bearings on the map and in the field
  • Navigating with a map and compass in good and poor visibility
  • Triangulation
  • Navigating around obstacles
Part 3: Trip Planning and Decision Making
  • Route Planning
  • Ranking hazards
  • Contingency planning
  • Building and following a whiteout navigation plan
We may cover additional topics as time permits.

The important details:

Season: May – October

Duration: 2 Days (8:30am – 4:30pm)

Location: Squamish

Max Ratio: 8 Clients to 1 Guide

Prerequisites: None 

Price: $325/per person | $1499/private (up to 6ppl)


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This course provides the base of essential skills required to confidently venture into the British Columbian forest and sub-alpine zones.

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