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Wilderness Safety & Survival

Be prepared for anything the wilderness throws at you!


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Join one of our Professionally Certified ACMG (Association of Canadian Mountain Guides) guides and let them share their passion for this sport. 

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This course provides the base of essential skills required to confidently venture into the British Columbian forest and sub-alpine zones. Participants will learn to confidently plan and prepare for undertaking backcountry adventures including responding to unexpected wilderness situations such as running out of daylight, getting lost, encountering animals getting injured including preparing for an unplanned night out. All of this with minimal resources and in a wilderness setting.

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Course information...


This clinic is aimed at those who wish to explore the wild backcountry of BC and beyond, yet not have to worry about what they will do in case of an emergency such as injury, loss of direction or bad weather. If you’re able to survive for at least 72 hours out in the wilderness, the chance of finding a way home, or being found by Search & Rescue, is greatly increased.

You will learn these crucial survival skills:

  • Trip planning & risk management
  • Basic navigation skills
  • Fire & shelter building
  • Purifying water
  • Emergency signalling
  • How to create your own survival kit
  • Basic wilderness first aid

Important Information:

  • Good fitness is recommended
  • Bring your own hiking boots & poles
  • Food & transportation are not included

Day 1: Meet your guide at 8:30am at the Squamish Adventure Centre.

The guide will have everyone sign a waiver before discussing the day's objectives. Day 1 is focussed on learning simple navigation skills, trip planning, risk management and basic wilderness first aid.

Day 2: Meet your guide at 8:30am at the Elfin Lakes Trailhead.

Once you meet your guide, grab your gear and chat about the outlook of the day. Day 2 is focussed on practicing your navigation skills, group management and emergency skills e.g. shelter and fire building, emergency signalling etc.

The day will end at approximately 4:30pm with a debrief, discussion of the clinic and next step recommendations.

Important: Mountain weather and conditions can change fast and drastically – it is best to be prepared for cool, wet conditions even on a sunny day.

Recommended Gear

Day 1:

  • Notebook (we recommend Rite in the Rain notebooks and a mechanical pencil)
  • Basic compass
  • Clothing and footwear appropriate for a day outside
  • Food and drink for the day

Day 2:

  • Small backpack/daypack (25-35 litres)
  • Hiking boots or sturdy walking shoes with grippy tread
  • Weatherproof shell jacket (preferably water resistant, with a hood)
  • Water 1ltr-1.5ltr
  • Lunch and snacks 1000-3000 total calories min (aim to have extra)
  • Sunglasses, cap/toque/hat
  • Sunscreen, insect repellent


  • Hiking poles
  • Light gloves
  • Long pants and an extra top layer (long sleeve or short sleeve in case of sudden weather change such as hot/cold)
  • Extra socks
  • Camera/SmartPhone
  • Personal items or medication you require
Topics Covered:
  • Basic navigation using a compass
  • Trip planning & risk management
  • How to build a survival kit
  • How to build a basic wilderness first aid kit
  • How to use the first aid kit
  • Building a shelter
  • Finding clean water
  • Building a fire
  • Emergency signalling

The important details:

Season: May – October

Duration: 1 Day (8:30am – 4:30pm)

Location: Squamish

Max Ratio: 8 Clients to 1 Guide

Prerequisites: None 

Price: $249/per person




Build your toolkit of essential navigation skills!

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